Susan Kroiz Krieger

"I like making things and exploring ideas. My art is my response to life and it is where I become a recluse to the world around me. By burying myself in my work I am on a constant journey to define myself and find my unique voice."

Susan Kroiz Krieger was born and grew up in Baltimore Maryland in 1943 not far from Pimlico Race Track. Her earliest work appeared as scribbles in books from her parent's library. Art was always important in her life. Susan began attending Saturday Art Classes at Maryland Institute of Art while in High School. She was also an Art Major at Forest Park High. Krieger received a scholarship to MICA and became a fine arts major in the early 60's. She concentrated her studies to sculpture. Married in her senior year to Gerson Kroiz and a mother at graduation made it hard to continue producing. Going in the evenings to a local pottery class, Susan continued working in ceramics and taught art in the public schools. She returned to MICA in the early 70's and received a MFA in 1974. Krieger concentrated in clay and sculpture. After an amusing series of Clay VW's Fornicating, Pregnant and Nursing Baby VW's, Krieger cast a life sized fiberglass WV s fornicating and this piece was shown at BMA. She then completed a tour de force piece entitled "Bertha" a cast bronze half figure wearing a girdle and high heel shoes. Her work was shown at the BMA and Fells Point Gallery. Krieger also did a series of Bras on Trees in various locations. She was getting attention for her work. In 1974 Krieger became a Gallery Director of the Fells Point Gallery, an Alumni Gallery from MICA and curated art exhibits there and at The Performing Arts Center at the Mechanic Theatre for the next 15 years. She was divorced in the early 80's and work stopped. In 1985 after a few years of not producing art but coordinating exhibits Krieger joined Atlantic Paper Making Studio and learned the art of handmade paper. This process began a new exploration of ideas and materials. Her work was included several regional exhibits.

In the early 90's Krieger began to explore computers as a way to create images and studied Photoshop at MICA. Some works were created with printing on handmade paper trying to bring ancient techniques into the new world of technology. Eventually her works were totally digital but she craved the getting her hands dirty with materials. Her images were incorporated into mixed media pieces. Susan moved in with Hirsch Krieger in 1993 and married in 1996. Hirsch became a partner and a continuing supporter of her ideas. He took a pile of handmade paper pieces and framed them showing off Susan's art. Working as full time Administrator for a nonprofit again did not allow for too much art exhibiting, but her work continued using computers and IPad. Many new ideas were formed and tried during this time.

Susan made many trips to New York Museums to look and study the great masters and to be inspired by their works. She began drawing abstract images that are inspired by Kandinsky and Miro. In 2014 Krieger retired from her day job and at age 70 has begun to learn the techniques of Encaustic Painting using Bees Wax and Pigment. She maintains a small studio at home and has produced a new series of encaustic paintings. Again her husband, Hirsch is working closely with Susan to frame her new work and support her new ideas and approaches. Krieger plans to attend workshops and start to exhibit her art in this new chapter of her life. Susan Kroiz Krieger has a lifetime of art endeavors and her passion for visual ideas has continues over five decades.